"is part 3 done yet?"



hey! it's molly.

welcome to my neocities page. consider this my personal little cabin i've built in the snowy forests of the Inter Webs™, and the nexus to which all of my accounts, projects, and general endeavors and shenanigans connect back to and from. this site will probably go through plenty of changes, and additions, and updates as i keep working on things.

feel free to take a look around! i'm doing my best to keep all of my work relatively tidy, and i'll likely also have a more comprehensive list of what i'm prioritizing at the moment, but there's a lot under my belt. you'll likely always find something you haven't quite seen from me yet. maybe you'll learn something about me that you didn't know! maybe you'll see some way to support me you weren't aware of before! maybe you'll find a project i used to do that you've never heard of! who knows! not even i knows sometimes!

either way, get comfy. there's plenty of room to rest here while i'm doing whatever i'm doing. i could always use the company. ^^